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We are excited to announce the Firefly 3.0 is in the making!
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The Firefly Pick creates a LED light show synchronized to your music as you play.  It’s a uniquely personal lighting effect unlike anything else, easy to use for beginners and experts alike, and professionally designed for precision and durability.

All Firefly Picks weigh 0.08 oz and are designed with a 1mm, beveled with polycarbonate tip - a quality that exceeds normal nylon guitar picks. It has been prototyped and tested with professional musicians for perfect pick action and fit. 

This unique guitar or bass guitar pick has no buttons or controls. A capacitive touch sensor detects when the pick is being held and wakes the electronic systems up from low power hibernation in a fraction of a millisecond. When the Firefly Pick is released, it automatically returns to hibernation.

The Firefly Pick's analog sensor system intelligently detects even the quietest picking action, while simultaneously ignoring the unrelated motions of your environment. It is the same height and width as a normal guitar pick (26mm x 26mm) and just over 3mm thick at the grip, similar to any other heavy pick.  The Firefly Pick has more electronic complexity than most guitar amps or pedals packed into a volume smaller than a hearing aid.


Flashes with one color on the upstroke and a second color on the downstroke.

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Creates an LED light show of one color synchronized to your music as you play.


Flashes with a different LED color on each pulse, creating a brilliant and uncontrollable rainbow of light.

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Lithium-polymer battery


High quality polycarbonate shell for years of playing


Intelligent computer and sensor array respond to any playing style


Beveling tip for uncompromising accuracy


Create a rhytmic light show with no buttons, knobs or moving parts

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