Firefly Pick
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Firefly Pick

The Firefly Pick creates an LED light show synchronized to your music as you play.

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firefly guitar pick

lightning boltRechargable

Lithium-polymer battery


High quality polycarbonate shell for years of playing


Intelligent computer and sensor array respond to any playing style


Beveling tip for uncompromising accuracy


Create a rhytmic light show with no buttons, knobs or moving parts

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Creates an LED light show synchronized to your music as you play.

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Flashes with one color on the upstroke and a second color on the downstroke.

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Flashes with a different LED color on each pulse, creating a brilliant and uncontrollable rainbow of light.

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firefly pick colors slider navigation slider

SKY ( Blue )

SEA ( Green )

FLAME ( Orange )

DUO ( Sky / Flame )

DUO ( Sea / Dusk )

INSANITY ( Random )

pick images sea green firefly pick flame orange firefly pick blue/orange firefly pick sea dusk firefly pick instanity firefly pick
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