Firefly Pick

Firefly Pick Manufacturing Update

21 September 2013

The Firefly Pick is a battery powered rechargeable LED guitar pick with a microprocessor, battery charging and safety circuits, and an analog sensor array.  Fitting all of that complexity into a 3.25mm thick polycarbonate shell requires precision manufacturing that only the best are capable of delivering.  The good news is that we have found the best, and we are still on target for shipping Firefly Picks in late November.  

This week, we signed on with HK Plastics/Balda Group in Oceanside, CA for manufacturing of our plastic enclosure and product assembly .  This team has a history of delivering incredible quality and world class parts, and we're confident they will deliver exactly what we need.  

We've also decided to specify a battery to fill all of the available space above the circuit board inside the Firefly Pick.  This will provide even more battery power to enable longer playing sessions before recharging, at only a minor increase in cost to us.  We'll be working with a great team in China to build these, and samples are on the way now.  Although this doesn't affect the behavior of the Firefly Pick in any way, we're confident that it is a solid contribution to the overall value by improving the battery life.

Our first 100 production boards arrive by the end of September and we'll be initiating our full quantity 2013 order at that time based on the number of orders we've received by then.  If you want a Firefly Pick in 2013 make sure to pre-order now!!