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"It looks and feels like a regular 3mm Big Stubby pick and with high-quality components that will last for quite a while and for thousands for gigs."


Sam Thomas

"I've always preferred slightly thicker picks so this one is perfect for me, it feels like a stubby, but it also has a frickin laser in it!"


Merv Radzick

on Facebook

"I purchased the insanity pick, WOW! Honestly I don't know a guitar player that wouldn't want one."



"The design is amazing and its really easy to use, I am a bassist and expected to struggle using the pick but right from the first note it felt normal like I had been using it forever."

DSC08987 - Copy.jpg

Sergio Vasquez Puglisi

a.k.a Latin Creature

This is an amazing pick! Really easy to use and súper confortable.Definitely adds a huge advantage for live shows and stage presence for any musicians.


Amazon Costumer

My son is a self taught guitar player. He plays electric guitar and was attending the performance arts high school at the time. He asked me to buy this for him. When he brought it to school, the other students went crazy over this. No one had seen anything like this before. He loves it/

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