Firefly Pick

Firefly Pick Air

The Firefly Pick creates an LED light show synchronized to your music as you play.

The Firefly Pick's meticulous design allows musicians to experience and deliver a brilliant visual effect without compromising the playability or resulting sound of the music.  The Firefly Pick packs a microcomputer, sensor array, and 2.5mm thick rechargeable lithium ion battery into a tiny shell shaped exactly like a standard "351" style guitar pick.  The Firefly Pick is barely 4mm at it's thickest point, and bevels to a durable tip crafted with feedback from professional guitarists, which allows precise and fast picking action.  

The Firefly Pick 'Air' flashes in response to hand motion as well as playing action, so it works on any body rhythm even without a guitar.  When playing, the Firefly Pick 'Air' is ideal for slower tempos and drawn out finishes due it's longer light pulse, and even capable of tracking things like whammy bar motion due it's less specific motion sensing.




The Firefly Pick is available with a variety of LED colors.  All of the versions are white when they are not lit.